The Young and the Internet, Todd Hunnicutt

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In a recent interview with college students, it was reveled that over 80% of them preferred having the internet to a TV, car or even a date.   To those of us in the internet marketing business, this ought to sound alarm bells though our consciousness!  Your internet presence must be an integral part of your business and marketing planning.  After all, these college students of today represent your customers of tomorrow.


At Real Internet Sales, we help thousands of professionals reach their clients and prospects every day.  With effective marketing strategies and the power of the internet, we can help you too.  Call me, Todd Hunnicutt, Director of Marketing, Real Internet Sales today (  We have a plan and service level to fit your needs and your budget.

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Great! By saving Greece, the world is now safe again for business, the market’s up! Keep this in mind NC has a larger GNP than Greece—Should we take it as good news that the problem may be getting straightened out or bad news that the system is that fragile?

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Wow…what a beautiful day…let’s rejoice and be glad

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Wow…could do with a little less “exciting” Gamecock football game!

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QUICK POLL: If you could design you “perfect” internet marketing program, how would you pay…by the lead, the sale, a set amount? And, how would you judge the effectiveness vs other communications? Let us know!

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Our new marketing company exclusively for Dentist and Dental Practices online next week,, for special incentives please contact us!

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